When it comes to transforming a business or creating an entirely new product, there are a lot of decisions to be made: the right fit of methods and frameworks, the most efficient process, the best team setup, the most logic prioritization of work packages and the most excellent user journey.

In this ever-changing digital landscape, with its trends, tools and technical requirements, launching services has never been more complex. As a concept developer and digital professional, I help to build a robust architecture. And thus more successful products.


Essentially, my work focuses on the development of innovative services. These are typically digital products, but with intersections to physical products/IoT, AI/machine learning algorithms, and marketing.

Some of my recent projects include sustainability initiatives, carbon calculators, data-driven product management software, and communication of blockchain services.

My expertise starts by contributing the choice of tools and methods. When finding and solving relevant problems for innovation, I work with various customized service design/design thinking techniques, either in conception or in branding, such as in brand sprints.

I’m a AJ&Smart Certified Design Sprint Facilitator. That said, I don’t rely too much on methods alone. It's about understanding what tool is useful at what stage - and when it's not. And it's about creating a vision as a team.



Having worked in the industry for many years, I have end-to-end expertise in creative and digital workflows. I understand the requirements of users as much as those of developers. With a strong UX background, I am often the mediator of different perspectives; I create synergies and give impulses. Some projects may require intensive user research, while others the establishment of a tidy design system structure.

During my agency time, I built teams several times and have since become a mentor for young professionals. This helped me to create an extensive network of experts for any task you would like to accomplish.

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