krunch·time noun

(sports) The last few minutes of a tight game
(slang) Making the very difference in crucial moments
(ger) Die entscheidende Phase f


I guess I have a love and hate relationship with the concept of time. The affinity with the term goes back to my early days when I was painting and writing. “Time” was one of my names and I started to become known for it.

Going forward, doing graffiti had a big influence on my other passion—music and DJing. When I got my first radio show, it felt pretty amazing: FM live broadcast on a Saturday night. However, this slot was just an hour, once a month. 60 minutes were little for everything I wanted to play. So I developed creative ways to work with my music and squeeze in as much as I could. It became "Time to Crunch."

Later on, I got several shows, but the name stuck. I kept “Krunchtime” for my design work and all kinds of passion projects, including club nights and records.

It is my translation of “condensing to the essentials” and of “delivering when it counts.” It became a philosophy, the nucleus of my work.